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Reference list

Our products are used in many industrial and manufacturing sectors. We provide in particular:
Fördertechnik Hochregallager
Fördertechnik Industrieöfen
Fördertechnik Automobilindustrie
Fördertechnik Flughäfen
Fördertechnik Härtereien
High-bay warehouse   Supporting, conveying, drive and accumulating rollers with and without setting; with free-wheeling and overtake mechanisms.
Industrial furnaces   Heat-resistant rollers with hot bearings, all materials, also in stainless steel design, e.g. V2A, V4A.
Hardening shops   Special drive drums and tail pulleys, with special sealing.
Food sector   e.g. tobacco industry, salt production, bakeries and chemical plants. All types of rollers specifically authorised for the food industry.
Automobile industry   e.g. engine block manufacturing; vehicle assembly; test bench area incl. skid rollers (HTD; Poly-chain) with Vulkolan and/or polyurethane coating. Dyn. balanced precision rollers for delay test benches.
Airports   e.g. check in - check out; cargo. Drive, deflection, tension and luggage deflection rollers. Heavy drive units for the loading
trucks of the cargo containers.
Weighing and measuring   Precision rollers, true running, dynamically balanced.
Beverage industry   Rollers of all types for keg and bottle filling, transport of empties. Discharge belts for the labelling systems.
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