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quality assurance system

Certificate DIN9001/2008 2018 Following expiry of the original certification, our company underwent a further audit this year for certification according to the new standard ISO9001-2015. After review of all the relevant company data, D.O.H. & JENNES obtained the new certificate on 13th August 2018. With this certificate from the German Certification Society, a process is being continued that began in 1992 with our WKS (goods control system). We assume that the new standard with its future-oriented changes will lead to even greater acceptance and further improvement of all essential processes.

Certificate DIN9001/2008 2012During a final certification audit, professional and proper implementation of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard was confirmed to D.O.H. & JENNES Förderrollen GmbH on 5th June 2012. The certification represents outward expression and proof of the quality assurance already practiced by us since 1992 as part of our tried and trusted goods control system, WKS. This certification combined with our company philosophy in action forms a new and reliable basis for continuous improvement and further development of our products. The result is work and result optimisation which will also continue to ensure successful collaboration with our customers. With the present certification, that which had previously been common practice "inwards" for two decades already is now officially documented outwards: structured processes by means of which handling of procedures is traceably represented for all to see.

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