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Corporate philosophy

The following objectives reflect our company's continuous striving for innovation

Our products create value and profit

Our products are designed in line with top standards and so enable our customers to construct plant components which find a ready market, provide the end-customer with potentially increased cost efficiency and lead to the optimization of work and profits. The versatile application of our products makes both business and personal life easier in many ways. We put our many years of manufacturing experience to good use in forming the basis for continuous improvement and on-going development. The result: improved manufacturing processes coupled with improved products.

Qualified customer care

Our reputation for reliability ranks high on the customer's list of priorities. Whatever the issue, we give our customers a fair and honest deal. We provide them with realistic information in all sectors to allow them to create their own exact, in-company final planning. Our close contact to the customers lets us talk personally to them with the aim of implementing their requirements - a strategy which is appreciated by the customer and a company they will consequently recommend to others.

Flexibility and dynamics, tailor-made and convincing offers which reflect our compliance with given quality standards are combined with the highest level of customer care possible - a strategy which allows our operational structures to deal with out-of-the-ordinary issues. As we believe that fair treatment of each and every member of our company pays off in the form of profits, respect is one of the cornerstones of our business.

Maintaining and safeguarding jobs

We safeguard the jobs of our employees by implementing a high degree of in-house production. Should outsourcing jobs be unavoidable, we do so by taking the Single Market into consideration and so maintain a healthy economic area.

Employee motivation

A clearly-defined structure of responsibilities and the maintenance of a good and friendly working atmosphere in our company promotes self-initiative and self-responsibility among our employees resulting in extraordinary performance, and recognition of the same.
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