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Drive drums / tail pulleys / tension drums

Drums are often installed in belt units, usually at poorly accessible positions. A failure of these drums consequently results in very high costs owing to the high downtimes and repair times.

This is why we consider it mandatory to manufacture our drums with a design that is as robust and low-maintenance as possible.

Our expert and committed employees plan and manufacture on your behalf, fully tailored to your individual wishes, based on drawings and/or patterns, drive drums, tail pulleys, tension drums, snub pulleys and cleaning drums. All these products can of course be optionally obtained in all conceivable materials, e.g. stainless steel and coatings such as paint, powder coating, zinc, chrome, rubber, PVC, Vulkolan, Perbunan, Teflon etc.

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Gummierte Antriebstrommel Fördertechnik Umlenktrommel
Drive drum, rubber coated, with clamping set and perforated front disc   Deflection drum with self-centring clamping set
Gummierte Spantrommel Spantrommel Spantrommel mit Gurtführungskeilnut
Tension drum, rubber coated with UCFC flange bearing Assortment of drums Tension drum with lateral belt guide keyway
Klopftrommel Abstreiftrommel Rillentrommel
Beating drum for belt cleaning Scraping drum for belt cleaning Special drum with ribbed lateral surface and open front discs
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