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Our product range also of course includes a wide variety of accessory components. A series of examples can be seen on this page, such as bottom belt holders, flat belt holders, clamping devices, support rings, impact rings in black grade and also white grade for the food sector and spacer rings for proper arrangement of the rubber rings. Push-fit caps as adapters for mounting on the axle ends for transmission of greater torques. Wheel flanges and guide discs as sheeting components and also in solid execution, both slotted and divided to form clamps. Deep groove ball bearings, flange bearings and housing bearings ( pedestal bearings ) in all common finishes, naturally also in stainless finish. Chains, chain closure links and chain wheels according to DIN 8187. Chain deflection wheels, chain click wheels and almost all other accessory components for conveyor technology.

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Unterbandhalter Flachbandhalter Spannvorrichtung Fördertechnik Stützpuffer Distanzringe
Bottom belt holder, flat belt holder, clamping device   Support rings and impact rings, also in food grade, spacer rings
Aufsteckkappen Spurkränze Führungsscheiben Rillenkugellager Flanschlager Gehäuselager
Push-fit caps in all common finishes, also as custom-made designs Wheel flanges, guide discs, also with a divided design, clampable Deep groove ball bearings, flange bearings and housing bearings also in stainless finish
Ketten Kettenspannräder Kettenumlenkräder Förderbandzubehör
Chains and chain wheels Chain click wheels and chain deflection wheels Conveyor belt accessories
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