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Company history / conveyor technology

angetriebene Rollen
konische Gepäckumlenkrollen
As a manufacturer of products from conveyor technology, we produce supporting rollers and conveyor belt rollers with and without drive, drive drums, tail pulleys, roller races, stations and in addition accessories for conveyor technology. We not only attach great importance to the quality of our products however, but also to team spirit and good social interaction within our business. These values are not only important cornerstones in our human society, but also in our economic system. Consequently, the greatest importance is attached to good cooperation within our company. Furthermore, our success testifies to this company principle.

Following his training and after his many years service in the armed forces in the navy, the now 51-year-old company owner, Klaus-Joachim Jennes, furthered his knowledge in theory and practice and worked for some years as production manager in conveyor technology. The idea of setting himself up independently in the metal sector rapidly developed.

In 1985, the time had come and K.J. Jennes founded his first company. From then on, the JENNES Förderrollen company produced supporting rollers, drive drums, tail pulleys, stations and accessories for production of conveyor units in all conceivable sizes and for all conceivable application possibilities.

In so doing, custom-made designs that must be tailored to the customers’ specific requirements have represented a particularly attractive task since that time. These special assignments are manufactured in the department specifically set up for the purpose, “special production”.

In 1992, JENNES Förderrollen in Solingen merged with D.O.H. wire products in the Hessian town of Solms. D.O.H. & JENNES Förderrollen GmbH emerged. Production was now completely transferred to the own production shops in Solms; the company management has kept its site in Solingen.

In addition to manufacture of the products conventional on the market (supporting rollers according to DIN, driven conveyor rollers, drive drums, tail pulleys, stations and accessories for production of conveyor units in terms of materials processing technology in all conceivable sizes and for all conceivable application possibilities), the “special production” department has been constantly expanded since the merger. In this case, the company has specialised in production of high quality conveyor rollers tailored to its customers’ specific requirements.

Today, our products are used in all conceivable fields. At airports, our driven supporting rollers (“airport rollers”) set the passengers’ luggage in motion; at supermarket checkouts, our light track rollers provide the necessary momentum; in large industrial companies, driven heavy duty rollers and pallet supporting rollers form large roller races and conveyor units and transport the raw materials from one processing station to the next; in bottling units in breweries and in the beverage industry, our stainless steel rollers set bottles, cans and kegs in motion and in the stone processing industry, our driven chain wheel rollers with their wear-resistant coatings ensure smooth and precise running. Other possibilities for use of our products can be found under “References”.

Owing to our outstanding product quality and our high level of delivery reliability, but also owing to our high flexibility, we have enjoyed profound trust among our customers for decades and are considered reliable and competent partners who do not just restrict themselves to manufacturing constantly required articles, but are also at the customers’ side beforehand with consultancy particularly in case of special orders.

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